Warranty Claim


All our bags are covered by our warranty. This means we will make sure your bag is free from manufacturing defects and functioning properly. You can see the warranty details for any of our bags in their product details. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, or negligence (we won’t replace bags chewed up by your dog). This warranty does not cover cosmetic issues, such as scratches, abrasion, or rust. We are committed to designing the toughest bags on the market, but some scratches and abrasions from your awesome adventures are expected and applauded! If you are experiencing a manufacturing defects that affects the functionality of your bag then its eligible for a warranty claim.
If you have any questions contact us at: support@kingkongapparel.com


What is considered a defect vs normal wear and tear?
We consider a defect a break down that leaves the bag unusable or hinders proper use. These kind of issues usually present themselves early in the bags life (under 6 months). Normal wear and tear are usually cosmetic in nature, scratches, abrasions, frayed stitching, worn zippers, and fabric breakdown from wear it rubs against your body. Rust is also not considered a defect. 

Can a make a claim if I purchased with a third-party reseller?
No, please contact the third-party reseller about their returns policy. 

Can I just get a refund instead?
Warranty claims are only eligible for repair or replacement, or store credit if the product is no longer available.

What is negligence?
We don’t think you will intentional hurt your bag, but if your dog chews it up, or you forgot about the shaker bottle and you bag is now mould infested, or the bag was left in the sun to fade these can fall into the negligence category.