Join the troop and start unlocking exclusive rewards.



Transform your points into rewards.






Advance through the badges to gain access to more exclusive rewards.


Easy! It all starts with creating an account here and making your first purchase with us. If you already own one or more KingKong Bags but yours points are not appearing or don’t seem to add up right, contact us directly at

Aside from joining a community of bag enthusiasts with good sense and taste, you will get rewards and rank perks! Do you really need more convincing?

First, chat with your fellow bag owners, human connection with like minder people is the best reward! Getting the most out of earning and redeeming is a personal preference. You might like to watch your points grow and wait for the next new release, or you might want to redeem straight away for that bag you have had your eyes on – why wait!

We will be backdating points starting Jan 012019. This will not include returned items, free gifts, or shipping fees. If you have noticed your points have not been updated contact us directly at

Rank is calculated by total point history, even after you redeemed your points. And once you enter a rank you’re there for good!

Yes! But only eligible points. For example, points for creating an account will not be combined. Contact us directly at to combine accounts.

What you earn is yours to keep and redeem. But we have a great refer-a-friend reward here. They get $10 off gift, and you get a $10 off reward. It’s a win-win.

No. Gift cards with a value higher than 50 USD can’t be combined.

You can choose between your gift card or the sale price, but not both. Our advice is to choose the sale, that way you can earn more points towards getting a higher value gift card.