Back in 2017 I started feeling more unhappy in my own body. Not just in how I looked, but how I felt. I always felt weak and tired. I wasn’t treating or fuelling my body in the way that it deserved. I started lifting with my partner who had some experience with squat, bench and deadlifts, but looking back at my old YMCA lifts I sure had a lot to learn. Everyone is a beginner at some point, but some early lifts are hard to watch! I’m so glad I pushed through because I fell in love with powerlifting and decided to go for it competitively. I’m not an elite lifter, but I work hard and I am consistent. I am still seeing regular gains and loving it! I have competed once (3rd in my weight class!) and am competing again in 2022!

Being able to squeeze all the moments out of life I can by being capable and healthy and strong truly motivates me!

Greatness means being true to who you are. It means striving to make sure that you are always improving and when that’s not possible you are always preparing for improvement and being kind to yourself in the process.

Hopefully, I can break 300 on my deadlift this year, but my main goal is to stay as consistent as I have been throughout 2021 and keep getting stronger both physically and mentally!