I was in HS and I couldn’t get past 117lb and played varsity ball since freshman year. My coach and my mom tried helping me gain weight. Nothing seemed to work, it wasn’t until after HS that I decided to take matters into my own hands by studying bodybuilding and working out as well as macros and other things. My first plan I did was Kris Gethins 12weeks to muscle… followed it to the T 12 weeks no cheat meals and boom I hit 130s then I did the Arnold 12 week program and before you knew it I was 145. I took control of my own life and put in the hard work. ALOT of reading and experimenting with what worked for my body. Eventually I found what stuck and it’s been an amazing journey. So many ups and downs in life but the gym has always been there for me!

Complacency ultimately pushes me. When I get used to the motions and look in the mirror and see no change, or look at the same weight I’ve been throwing up for weeks… it gets to me. Almost like I’ve been wasting my own time. It upsets me and BOOM I kick it up a notch!

Greatness means so many different things to me. Greatness doesn’t always mean the high points of a fitness journey.. to me greatness is being able to kick start yourself into motion, to start your journey and stick with it through the ups and downs ! Highs and lows always jumping back on that horse is great. Means you never gave up! You have the heart of a winner and a warrior!

My goal is to be consistent in continuing my education on fitness and to be in top shape and TRULY happy with who I look at in the mirror both in and out of the gym 💪🏽 mixed with a lot of self care!